The Playful New Mag Exploring Human Sexuality and Technology

Get sex positive—and get excited (really, really excited) about the future of tech. Created by artist and editor Iris Luz, PC Erotic is a new magazine which asks questions like: “What happens when avatars of porn stars become more popular than the people they represent?” and “How does one protect oneself from the real internet pervert: Google?” Words by Emily Gosling

Who’s Behind the Magazine?

The editor and creator of PC Erotic is Iris Luz, a London-born visual artist, editor and model, who worked with publisher Ben Freeman and his assistant Emmanuel O’Brien, who were responsible for the brilliantly gauche design of the thing.

The mag saw Luz depart from her work as a casting director and model on campaigns for clients including Vivienne Westwood, Adidas and Bleach; but continue her explorations of other characters and untapped aspects of her own identity through art. Inspired by the likes of Cicciolina, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Kim Kardashian, her focuses have long been on how the future of tech, sex, femininity and the ego intersect. Among the contributors to issue one of PC Erotic are Monserrat Romina; Viktor Naumovski, who shot cover star Maria Forque; artist Lily Bloom; Jackson Bowley, who photographed “sexy teacher” Mila van der Linden; Dom Sebastian; Ashley Munns and Damien Maloney.
Image by Monserrat Romina for PC Erotic

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