“We cannot but wonder, how women view themselves nowadays. Iris Luz, a journalist and presenter focused on interpersonal relationships and technology, defines ‘female gaze’ as a perspective, which can shed light on aspects of being female which no other person really could, admitting in the same breath a constant moral conflict with the term ‘female gaze’, nothing that it, like many other activist terms, has become a buzzword, even though its intended meaning and the thinking behind it aren’t themselves to blame for being misconstrued.

As Alexander Fury wrote for the Independent in 2015, ‘maybe it’s the experience of actually wearing the clothes – and indeed of living a life around them – but when women design clothes for women, the results tend to be different from when men do the job.’ What, then, might a female gaze consist of, or look like? Wanting to cut through the misconceptions around what a female gaze is, one must look at how female designers view women, and how can they tap into unexplored or taboo parts of the female experience to flesh out female representation through clothes.”

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