Will Sex Robots Cure The ‘Incel’ Phenomenon?

IRIS LUZ, editor and founder of Pc Erotic magazine (also casting agent, model, and now DJ), is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Melding the complex topic of human sexuality with the labyrinthine nature of modern technology, Iris is here to guide us all into the future in the most optimistic, shrewd, and candid of ways.

How do you see technology, privacy, and sexuality converging in the next 50 years?

I feel like with time our privacy will be artificially restored in an attempt to gain back our trust. Whilst at the start of social media we used it more so to have somewhere to dump all our photos, now we’re inherently selective about what we share and how. As we ease into social media and it becomes even more instinctual to us, we seek to compartmentalize and refine how we share our content rather than dumping everything online for anyone to see. This will also have a domino effect within the sex industry which will become more personable and private, especially thanks to websites such as Patreon or Onlyfans.

LUZ: Will sex robots eradicate the phenomenon of “incels,” the groups of involuntarily celibate heterosexual men who have created growing online communities centered on misogyny?

DEVLIN: I definitely don’t think robots are going to solve that. I think that you will always have people like that. The dark side of connecting on the internet is that while some people are going to find other likeminded people to be happy with, others are going to find other likeminded people to be angry with. I did a dive into some incel forums, and it’s pretty grim. There are a lot of people saying, “If we had a robot that was a woman, but it was a robot and completely controlled, then that would be fine.” So, first, it’s clearly evident that what they want to do is control women. And, second, I don’t think anyone can engineer out misogyny in that way. They’re just going to go on hating people.