Iris & Nellie

Iris Chalangeas is the kind of person who makes you question how we can all possibly have the same amount of hours in a day, so packed her portfolio is. The photographer, creative director and model recently started her own casting agency (@irisluzcasting), and has a magazine coming out in September published by Ditto London titled Pc Erotic (@pcerotic).

“The magazine explores technology and sex, and how future technologies will affect our concept of intimacy,” she explains. “We talk about about a tons of subjects, ranging from biohacking to virtual reality to Ai phone sex hotlines.”

The true carpe diem’r loves the internet, and how in particular how it “encourages and embraces self-awareness, and to some extent narcissism.” She believes that before the internet, ‘self-love’ and ‘self-care’ were “terms that merely existed, but weren’t put into practice, for fear of being called self-centred or indulgent”, and cites people like Amber Wagner and Slick Woods as proof that we now live in an age that celebrates people who worship themselves. If she had to give up the internet for a week, she reckons that—aside from a lot of angry work emails and messages from friends—her life would largely be the same.