Be Your Own Boss: August at Depop Space Selfridges

Depop reporter Iris Luz checks out the first month of Depop Space Selfridges: Be Your Own Boss. Talks, workshops, live DJ sets and a curated marketplace celebrated people doing it their way.

The space included Depop seller gone international @internetgirl, the street stylings of @basementsix and an exclusive collection by @christianahjones. Founder @simon, along with sellers @internetgirl, @ladskazeemand and @nellieeden, discussed how to build an empire on Depop. Later in the month, @betsyjohnson_ hosted a hands-on branding and photography workshop. Sellers: 1–7 August: @ns_shop, @ladzkazeem, @archive_dna 8–14 August: @basementsix, @retroflexvintage, @archive_dna 15–21 August: @serotoninvtg, @194local, @christianahjones 22–28 August: @internetgirl, @myaemade, @christianahjones Online: @serotoninvtg, @americanmadness In London? 

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